Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sorry I've been away for soooo long.  Life just gets in the way of blogging!  I admire the women who can work full-time, have children and still blog full-time...I don't see how you all have enough hours in the day!  Anywho....so I'm back for the summer!

So I made my first Rag Quilt HERE.  I loved, loved, how it turned out!!  So when my friend at work had a baby boy...I knew I wanted to make him one too!  He had mentioned to me one time that he wanted to do the baby's room in blue toile...so that was my inspiration for the fabric.  One side is cotton and one side is flannel.

The pictures don't do it justice...it was late at night and did not have good lighting...but the Daddy loved it and that's all that matters!

Supplies for blanket - around $20
Time to make - 4 hours
Having Daddy say 'he's going to cry' = Pricele$$