Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Happy Scrapping!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sorry I've been away for soooo long.  Life just gets in the way of blogging!  I admire the women who can work full-time, have children and still blog full-time...I don't see how you all have enough hours in the day! I'm back for the summer!

So I made my first Rag Quilt HERE.  I loved, loved, how it turned out!!  So when my friend at work had a baby boy...I knew I wanted to make him one too!  He had mentioned to me one time that he wanted to do the baby's room in blue that was my inspiration for the fabric.  One side is cotton and one side is flannel.

The pictures don't do it was late at night and did not have good lighting...but the Daddy loved it and that's all that matters!

Supplies for blanket - around $20
Time to make - 4 hours
Having Daddy say 'he's going to cry' = Pricele$$

Sunday, May 29, 2011

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I got a fishing scrapbook kit and some overlays - Awesome deal!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm a Little...OK, A LOT Late...But Here's an Idea for NEXT Easter!

Here's an idea to turn plain buckets into really cute Easter Baskets. 

Go from this...

To these..... 

I used paint pens to write the names of my grand kids on the buckets.  I used them to draw the pictures too.  You can get paint pens at Hobby Lobby (use the 40% off coupon), Michaels (wait for a 40% off coupon) or Walmart. 

I found the coolest 'grass' at Old was already marked down to 40% off before Easter! Score!! 

Use newspaper to stuff the bottom of the bucket so all your goodies don't fall to the bottom.

My husband and I decided that we would give the grand kids a bathsuit for each Easter...I had sand castle things in my 'stash'...then I filled sport theme eggs for the boys and pearlized eggs for the girls with gummie fruit. 

Supplies - I had everything on hand but the swimsuits...the girl's were 40% off and the boy's was retail.
Time - about 2 hours total
Seeing those babies in their swimsuits - Pricele$$

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm BACK!!! Preemie T-shirt for Teddy Bear

Sorry I have been gone for sooooo long!  I had family priorities that needed to come first.  My dad had quadruple bypass surgery, so that took priority over posting :-)

Here he is a day after surgery!!!  Looking better already!

That teddy bear he is holding is called Sir Koff-a-Lot.  He is a specially made bear that heart patients get after surgery.  They are stuff extra firm and are used to help patients recover.  The patients hug the bear when they need to cough and that helps their chests not hurt as much.  They also use the bear to help them use their legs to get up and down instead of their arms.  When they hug the bear, they have to use their legs...this way, they are not putting pressure on the chest trying to lift themselves up.

He's a cute lil' bear, but my sister-n-law thought he needed to be 'Hawaiianed-up'!!  I thought I had a Hawaiian onsie at the house for one of the grand kids...but I couldn't find, of course, I had to make one!

We were a hour and a half away from where my dad had surgery.  My husband and I decided we would drive back and forth each day so we could take of our dogs also.  So when I decided to make a shirt for the bear, I didn't have a lot of time.  I told my husband 'give me 15 minutes' and I'll be ready to go!!! 

I found a swimsuit bottom that I had ordered a few years back.   It was on clearance, of course! when I ordered it, but the top sold out.  They sent the bottoms anyway??!!  What would I do with just the bottoms??!!!  Well, fast-forward a few years and I finally figured out what to do with those bottoms!  Make a t-shirt for a bear, OF COURSE!!! 
It was Hawaiian print and red & white...PERFECT!!!

I found a pattern for a preemie t-shirt onsie HERE.  I was trying to remember how big the bear was and thought a preemie would fit ok.

I cut the side seams of the skirt to get the fabric to lay flat. 

I first put the pattern where you see it in the picture, but they decided to move it down and use the seam of the skirt to be the seam of the shirt (less sewing).  I cut out all my pieces and followed the directions on the pattern.  The only thing I did differently, was I just made a t-shirt and I didn't make a collar.  I was running out of time and just stitched the 'collar hole' to finish the edges. 

Here's how the shirt looked before putting it on the bear.  When I went to show my husband what I had made, he kinda laughed and said - that's way too small for that bear....I took it anyways, it was made out of swimsuit material, so I hoped that it would stretch! 

When we got to the hospital, I stretched that baby over that bear and it 'fit''s 'busting' at the seams, but it fit.  We said it was a 'board shirt' like the surfers wear! Ha!!  It ended up being perfect and 'the talk' of the floor!

Love ya Dad!!! Glad you are better than ever!

Supplies for t-shirt - $ 0
Time - 15 minutes
Seeing my dad and my family smile - PRICELE$$

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beadboard Goes Up - Dining Room Part 4

I know I'm jumping around with my posts on the Dining Room, but hopefully when it's all done, I will have covered everything. :-)
My husband found 10 sheets of beadboard on Craigslist for $40!  If you've shopped for beadboard, you know that it runs around $20 a for $40 for 10 sheets - that was a great deal!  It was grey in color, but that didn't matter, I had plans to paint it anyway.
We started with the North wall.  After putting one board up, we realized we would have to cover the seams because they did not fall on studs and we would have to use liquid nails and LOTS of regular nails!  So we took the first board off and made the seams equal in distance.

Here is the other half of the North wall.  Our ceiling is 12 feet tall in this room, but it angles at about 8 feet.  We went up about 7 feet on the walls with the beadboard. 

Here is the West wall...the other side of this wall is the Kitchen.  If we would have thought about it, we would have cut two boards equal in width, so the seam would have fallen in the really is not a big deal to us (now) it is how it is . :-) 

Here is the North and East wall.  

Here is the East and South wall.  That is the PITA shutter.  It looks fine, but is not installed totally correct.  You can still see screws from the outside.  We picked our battle and chose to take the 1/2 off refund and live with it...we will probably do something so that you can not see those screws! 

So this is how the Dining Room sat for a year!  Putting up the beadboard was a task in itself.  When we had this house built, we took lots of pictures of each stage - thank goodness!!  We referenced back to the pictures to find the studs in the walls.  We also used a stud-finder.  The studs are not where they 'normally' would be so the beadboard seams would no stay put...they kept 'popping' off the walls.  We really did not want to use liquid nails because whenever we wanted to take the beadboard down, we didn't want the sheetrock to be ruined.  In the end, we used liquid nails and the beadboard is up and it's not coming down anytime soon!
It is now trimmed out - pics to come! and painted!!

Getting things done around the house for yourself - Pricele$$!!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the Perfect Storm - Painting the Dining Room - Part 3

If you read previous posts, you know we started the Dining Room remodel a year ago!  Here are some before pictures....

The color on the walls is construction color 'peanut shell'...I got a small sample of the paint color I wanted and painted it on the wall to see if we would like it.

Before pics... 

more before... 

and more before... 

Here's my husband starting to paint.  Paint color is from Lowes.  Valspar - Perfect Storm. 

I wanted a 'peacock blue'..this is as close as I could find.  Not navy, not teal...kind of in between. 

love, love, love it! 

Since our ceiling is so high in here (12 feet), the darker color works fine. 

This pic makes the blue look brighter than it is...the other pics look more 'true to color'. 

A coat of paint = Pricele$$