Friday, February 25, 2011

Clearance Rack to Boutique Rack

So I found this simple red jacket on the Target Clearance rack.  It was size newborn and my grand baby was born last month, so for $2...oh yeah, it was mine!
BUT!  It is quite boring...very practical, but boring...
So I decided to 'jazz' it up a little bit!

I love black, white and red together so I used fabric that I already had on hand from previous projects HERE and HERE.
I used a bowl to trace the size circle I wanted.

I'm making a 'yo-yo' to use as 'flowers'.  Put a running stitch around the edge of the fabric.  The longer the stitches, the tighter the closer...whichever look you are going for will be fine.  I wanted my 'flowers' to be a closed as possible.

Start pulling the thread and the fabric will start to gather in on itself.

Keep pulling until...

You get a 'yo-yo' or a 'flower' in my case.

Make a knot and cut thread.

I added red buttons to tie in the red jacket and to create the 'middle' part of the flower.

I did a cluster of 3, in different sizes...

Here they are on the jacket...

Doesn't that help that boring jacket go from clearance rack to....


Here's our future model, sporting her chic jacket!!  Too Cute!

Supplies for 'flowers' - free - I had everything on hand
Making something boring into chic and especially for my grand baby = Pricele$$

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Way?? That Scarf is Made Out of a T-Shirt??!!!

I found these Very.Way.Cool.Scarfs made by Jennifer at Peas and Crayons and I knew I just HAD to make one!!  It literally took me 5 minutes to make and I made it as we were heading out the door to go to dinner!  I've worn it 2 times and I got compliments each time and total disbelief that it was made from a t-shirt!

Pick a t-shirt - I wanted this color so I grabbed this one. (I will be looking for 25 cent t-shirts when I hit garage sales this spring to make more of these!!)

Cut the hem off.

Cut the sleeves off...this would make a great cleaning rag.

Now, some people fold their fabric here, I didn't...I don't know why, just didn' out the same except there's only one side solid instead of will see what I mean in the next few steps.
Start cutting 1 inch wide can make your strips any size...I'm going to experiment on sizes when I make a few more of these!
Leave about 3/4 inches at the top.

Cut from one side to the other.

Now take one 'loop' and pull...this will stretch the material out.

Do this for each piece you cut.

See the 'solid' piece...I ended up with just one since I didn't fold my material at first.  Here's what you end up with.

You can wear it many ways...

Double it up....

Double it up and pull one side longer than the other...

You could twist it, add material to cover the 'solid' piece, add a bow or add a flower!  Very chic scarf that is free to make - just go look in your closet!

Cost of supplies for scarf - free
Making something totally chic that I love and my friends love too - Pricele$$

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