Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've been Featured!!

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I've been Featured at the following sites:

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I party each week with these lovely ladies and they have been so kind as to feature one of my projects!!  Go check out their blogs - they ROCK!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

So Simple, So Pretty

Remember my garage sales scores from
                                      HERE            &              HERE
 I got the Party Lite glass for $1 and the ornaments for 50 cents a bag/box

I used all the purple & black balls for this wreath

But the mosaic and swirled ones I saved to add to my Non-traditional display.  Look at the colors on that baby!!!  The picture really does not do it justice...they are gorgeous!!

I just added all the mosaic and swirled ornaments to the glass...so simple, so pretty.

There are 'bubbles' in the glass...so cool! 

Needs something....don't ya think??????

I found these beautiful peacocks at the bottom of the box of the ornaments I bought....haven't quite figured out how to display them with the ornaments...what do you think?  Any ideas?
I forgot to take a pic during the day, so I had to use the flash for this pic...I'll take more when I'm completely done. :-)

Cost of supplies - $1.50
Time spent to make - 10 minutes
Something so pretty that was so simple = Pricele$$
I party every week with these ladies....go check out their sites...they ROCK!!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Purple Ball Wreath - A Non-Traditional Display

So, these ornament wreaths are all over 'blog world', but I first saw them at Thirfty Decor Chick.  Look at how bee-u-tee-ful that is! I just had to make one of my own!!

Remember my Garage Sale Scores HERE?

Well, they are what I use to make my ornament wreath:

Now, I have to admit this was not my favorite project to do.  I'm happy with the outcome, but it was awkward, I couldn't get the right balls where I wanted them...it ended up being lopsided....etc, etc, etc!
I started with all my garage sale ornaments...purple (my husband's fav color) and black...and there were 4 gold ones...I thought maybe they would 'tone down' the darkness of this wreath, a wire hanger and my glue gun. 

 Look how beautiful those ornaments are!!  I ended up not using the mosaic ones on this wreath...I'll show you what I did with those later. :-)
I glued on all the metal tops to the ornaments...TDC said to do this and I'm so glad that I did.  I had 4 'pop' off even though I glue them on!!

Make a circle with your hanger and start 'threading' the balls on....this is what got frustrating to me.  I couldn't get them to go where I wanted them to go.  You essentially have a front and a back to this wreath and I was trying to decide which side I liked the best and stay with that side.
I. was. not. happy. 
BUT once I got all of them on...I went back with my glue gun and glue balls into place so that you couldn't see the wire.  I had some of the small ones left over and I glued them to cover any holes (so they are not connected to the wire).  So this is what I ended up with...not bad.

It's not real noticeable, but one side is 'heavier' than the other side...I ended up gluing on 3 small balls AFTER I hung the wreath.  The wreath also would not hang 'flat', meaning one side wanted to stick out, so I ended up putting a dot of hot glue behind one ball and 'gluing' it to the mirror...this should scrap off with a razor when I take it down - we'll see!!

So once I got it up and in place, I really started to like love it!  All-in-all, I'm now happy with it!  It's totally different than any Christmas display I've ever done.  It's fun and it's whimsical.  I ended up making a non-traditional display to go around this wreath (I'll show you later on)...FUN, FUN!!

Supplies for this wreath - $3.50
Time to make the wreath 1 hour
Something totally different, but so much fun = Pricele$$

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