Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ok, so my mom used to use coupons all the time. We saved 'trash' under the sink for her to cut out UPC codes all the time. I remember doing this well into my teenage years. I remember standing in line while the checker took off all those coupons. I remember being embarssed because we were holding up the line......didn't think or know about how much money my mother was saving!! Well, it's a new day and I'm adult now and I'm all about saving money! I happened to run across a couple of blogs that were very interesting - they are buying things for free...feeding their familis on $40 a week (WTH!)...and even making money on their transactions...OK, you got my attention!

Mike and I are all for a sale. We rarely pay retail for anything, well, groceries we pay retail...but not anymore!!! Ok, so here's my first attempt at getting the most for as little as possible OOP (out of pocket)

Ok, I thought I failed because the way I worked it out in my head and on paper before I went to Walgreens, did not happen exactly as planned...looking back and breaking it down...I didn't do too bad for my first attempt.

They didn't have the vitamins I was looking for and I was counting on the $5 RR to use towards the next I was frazzled from the start. I checked out in the cosmetic counter and the lady there was very kind and patient!

1. Kotex - $3.49 - $1 MFGC = $2.49 + $2.49 RR (rapid rewards - money to use next purchase) OK, so I was OOP $2.49 for this transaction

2. Glade Air Fresheners $2.50 x 3 = $7.50 - $2/3 MFGC = $5.50 - $5 mail in rebate

Kotex - $3.49 - $1 MFGC = $2.49 + $2.49 RR

Bix Hybrid $4.99 - $3 MFGC - $1 SC = $ .99

I didn't have enough items/per coupon I had to grab a 'filler' bag of nuts.

Total = $11.42 - $5 RR (from pervious transaction for medicine for Mike) = $6.42 - once I mail in rebate TOTAL = $1.42

So I spent approx. $4 - not the SCORE I was looking for, but not bad. I also ended up with 2 RR @ $2.49 each and Mike wanted chips...I was able to get two bags of chips for $1.42...

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