Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rosey, Rosey Hurricanes - Only $1!!!

Remember the hurricanes I made HERE?
Well, I wanted to turn them into something special for Valentine's Day....

Turn this             into             THESE

I wrapped the glass with plain white paper.  I didn't want to ruin the hurricanes, just change them for this holiday.  This way, I can take the paper off, store it or throw it away. 

I bought 2 packages of silk rose petals from the Dollar Tree {{heart}}.  There were 300 petals in each.  I really bought 2 of each, but only needed 1 of each. 

I did 2 different techniques and I will show you both.  On the pink one I placed the petals so they 'curled inward'...this way they laid 'flat'.  I started at the top...I didn't like that you could see the top of the hurricane glass...I will show you how to fix that in the next few steps. 

Keep gluing, making sure to overlap and alternate so the petals cover all the glass/paper.  Since I had plenty of petals, I put mine very close to together.

To 'finish' off the bottom row, I folded over a petal and glued it.  This created a nice edge. 

I glued those around the bottom.

Ok, the top doesn't look 'bad'...I just didn't want to see the edge of glass...

I used scissors to cut petals in half....

And glued another layer behind the top layer...couldn't see the glass anymore.

The red one I glued the petals curling outward so they were 'fluffy', like a flower.

One drop of glue on the back...

Glue on, staggering petals so the paper/glass doesn't show.

If I ever do this again, I will put coordinating paper behind the petals...if I had used red paper, you wouldn't have been able to see the paper at all...oh time.

This is how they turned out!!!  Cute, huh?

Which do you like better?  Flat or Fluffy???

Here they are with my $3 Valentine Decor Frames.

Supplies for Rosey, Rosey Hurricanes = $1 each (since I already had the hurricanes)
Making something sooooo cute that makes me smile = Pricele$$

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  1. ooooh i really like this !
    great job :)


  2. These are so cute! I don't think I can choose which one I like best, they are both great!

  3. These are very pretty!! i kinda like it better fluffy!! both ways are so nice!

  4. I like the fluffy but they are both stinkin' cute!!

  5. Very very cute! I think I'll vote for fluffy. ;-)

  6. These are cute! I like the red, fluffier one. I did a similar thing for my wedding reception with white round paper lanterns and glued white petals on them. Then put in a flameless tea light and we hung them up all over. It was so romantic and super cheap since I got all of the materials at the dollar store!

  7. Love your v-day decors; prefer the fluffy one...:)

  8. Pretty and super simple! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  9. How pretty! I have a bag of these petals just waiting to be used. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Whoa! Those are fabulous! I totally thought they were candles from the thumbnail! I really love what you have done. ANd its super easy! and Gorgeous!

  11. I love the fluffy red one! I just did a similar project with an old picture frame. Now I know how to use up my left over petals!

  12. SO sweet! Love it!You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!


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