Saturday, March 19, 2011

DETOUR - The Dining Room - Part 1

Ok, so I had planned to make my Camera Bag this week to put my camera and it's niffty new Camera Strap in....but the Dining Room was calling to be completed, so the bag will have to wait for another day. :(

To 'set the stage', we started the Dining Room makeover LAST Spring Break...yes, a-year-ago Spring Break!  I've always wanted Beadboard 2/3 up the walls and my husband found like 10 sheets of beadboard on craigslist for $40 last year, so I was going to get my beadboard in the dining room....little did I know this project would become a BIG headache for us!

Here is our dining room BEFORE:

That's a 12 foot ceiling in it!  We decided we wanted a room that we could play games/cards with our friends, so this room will be a dining/game room.  The chandelier had to go...if we are going to spend hours in that room, we needed a ceiling fan...and here's the one we chose:

You are getting a sneak peak at the color we is not this bright of a's more of a peacock blue...I'll show you better pics of the color later.

We also splurged and bought a custom shutter for the window. 

The window is 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  This became a nightmare for us!  We do everything ourselves.  We usually install everything ourselves.  We got a great discount on the shutter because of a sale, so we ended up letting the place we bought the shutter from install...big mistake!  After 2 different installers, 2 differently measured shutters, and one damaged shutter, and a year later....we still are not completely satisfied...but so 'done' with it that we are living with the shutter that is there!

Ok, so there's Part 1 of the Dining Room remodel.  More to come this week...
Installation of beadboard
Painting ceiling and beadboard
Tips that help make the job easier

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  1. Ohhhh, I can't wait to see the finished product! Sorry you had such a horrible time with the shutters....makes you so mad when you are PAYING somebody to do the job right!

  2. Yeah for doing it ourselves. My husband and I usally do things for ourselves too. We are much more careful with our home that contractors and I am more picky than most contractors. So if we do hire something out I end up watching them anyway so if I can I might as well do it myself.
    Can't wait to see the beadboard.

  3. My family normally does projects ourselves too. We just don't like strangers in the house doing stuff, especially when they normally take forever and do a shoddy job anyway. Like Traci said, my dad usually watches and "helps" anyway, which I'm sure the workers just love.

    At least hopefully you have a wonderful new room that you are or will enjoy!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I would love to have my hubby doing the projects more often. Always great working together, creating and accomplishing. Yeah for the the name of your blog! I am a new follower. 1at

  5. Ooh, I'm so intrigued now! Can't wait for the full reveal! Thanks for sharing this week!

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