Sunday, December 12, 2010

I {{heart}} "CLEARANCE" & this Week's Menu

I went at Wally World this morning to get groceries for the week and supplies for my day of baking.  I was looking for cello paper - which, by the way, is impossible to find - 3 stores and no cello??  What's up with that??  Anywho, I turned the corner and saw these:

on CLEARANCE!!!  And just $1 a piece!!  I wanted to make those cool black pumpkins for Halloween this know the ones with the vinyl silhouettes on them..but didn't have the I do and I can make them next year!
Also, the little pumpkins are cover with those tiny clear beads, so they kind of have a 'shimmer' to them (it's very hard to tell from that picture)...they are soooo pretty.  I would have bought more if they had more.  I debated on more big pumpkins, but this will be fine for now.
Now to get this crap decorations up in the attic!!!

This week's menu:

1.  Chicken Tacos

2.  Cabbage Roll Casserole
if you like cabbage rolls, you will love this casserole and it's a whole lot easier to make!!
3.  Chicken Pot Pie
4.  Green Chili Burros
5.  Stew
6.  Crunchy Fish

I will link the recipes tomorrow...I. am. tired.
I started cooking at 9:30 this morning, then switched to baking and did not finish until 7 this evening, so I'm going to chill the rest of the evening.
I will also show you what I made this year for my homemade gifts...I was so tired by the time I finished, that I wrapped everything up and didn't take one pic!!!  Will fix that tomorrow :-)

Finding stuff you {love} on CLEARANCE for pennies/dollars = Pricele$$

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