Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Makes Me {{Smile}} :-)

Do you see the GEESE??!!

We by no means live in the country, but we are blessed with 4 ponds in our neighborhood.  So with ponds come geese and ducks.  Every now and then, they 'cross the road' - not to just to get to the 'other side' (hahaha) but to get to another pond and to houses that feed them regularly. 

So some days, you have to stop and wait for the 'geese brigade' to cross.  Usually they are in a straight row and follow each other, I messed up their rhythm and they headed back to the side they started from.  Either way, it makes me smile every time I see this.

Living close enough to the 'big city' to get anywhere in 15 minutes, but far enough out that we get to enjoy Mother Nature = Pricele$$

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