Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garage Sale Scores #3

It was chilly this morning, but once I got the bathrooms clean, I was out the door!  It turned into a gorgeous day...very windy though!
Here are my SCORES for this weekend:

Our Grandson's Bday is this week and the party is at our house.  I wanted to have a picture of each month of his first year, set out around the house (will post about this later this week).  I got these frames for 25 cents each...they are getting a coat of brown paint as we speak!
 Somehow our mail gets piled in the kitchen each week until I go through it Saturday morning...I've been wanting some sort of a mail 'holder' and this will work fine....needs a cute 'mail' sign...maybe tommorrow.
15 cents - Score!
Bubble mailers - 10 cents each
 This is for the grandbabies...$1
 I love this little guy.  He's made by Leap Frog and has the letters of the alphabet on his 'feet'.  It will say the letter, the sound of the letter, the color of the 'shoe' and sing songs.  $2 - Score!
 I got this for Ryder for fabric and darker's gonna be awesome! (I hope!! lol) $2 - SCORE!!!
 These are 'Little Yellow Box' flip flops...have you tried these walking on very fluffy cushions.  They retail for $29...I got these babies for $1 - Score!!!  And they are OU colors - double SCORE!!
That was it for today...Oh, I also stopped into Hobby Lobby for a frame for a picture we got.  The only one I wanted was nicked and they didn't have anymore.  They salesguy was very nice and offered to mark it down...well, that's all fine and good, but then I can't use my 40% off coupon...he said, well I'll mark it down more than about 80% off?
What? 80% off....OK!!!
And he got out a touch up marker and covered the nicks!!  AWESOME!!  Point of the story....always ASK!

Garage Saling - $8.75
Not getting to go with my hubby - :-(
Getting great deals and going to use them all - Pricele$$
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  1. Oh man! I love me some garage sales. I haven't been to one in a while but I am excited to start finding things when I move out on my own from college. My little college apartment comes with furniture......cookie cutter furniture...but furniture :)

    Popping by from Be Different Act Normal Show & Tell Saturdays :)

  2. Great finds! Look at all those frames! I want to do a frame wall, but all the frames I look at are way too expensive! Grrrr.
    I hope you can join my giveaway going on now! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh how I love to garage sale:) Thanks for coming by!

  4. Score! You are the winner this week. That chair for a couple bucks? I even like the fabric.
    And I think the frame guy at HL must think you are cute. He sounded kinda sweet on you. 80% and you can use your coupon on something else!
    Thrifting high!

  5. All that for under $9? Those are some great finds.

  6. I LOVE thrifty finds!!! Thanks for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions :)

  7. You found some good stuff! Now I want to go to garage sales! I can't wait till spring!


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