Sunday, November 28, 2010

Purple Ball Wreath - A Non-Traditional Display

So, these ornament wreaths are all over 'blog world', but I first saw them at Thirfty Decor Chick.  Look at how bee-u-tee-ful that is! I just had to make one of my own!!

Remember my Garage Sale Scores HERE?

Well, they are what I use to make my ornament wreath:

Now, I have to admit this was not my favorite project to do.  I'm happy with the outcome, but it was awkward, I couldn't get the right balls where I wanted ended up being lopsided....etc, etc, etc!
I started with all my garage sale ornaments...purple (my husband's fav color) and black...and there were 4 gold ones...I thought maybe they would 'tone down' the darkness of this wreath, a wire hanger and my glue gun. 

 Look how beautiful those ornaments are!!  I ended up not using the mosaic ones on this wreath...I'll show you what I did with those later. :-)
I glued on all the metal tops to the ornaments...TDC said to do this and I'm so glad that I did.  I had 4 'pop' off even though I glue them on!!

Make a circle with your hanger and start 'threading' the balls on....this is what got frustrating to me.  I couldn't get them to go where I wanted them to go.  You essentially have a front and a back to this wreath and I was trying to decide which side I liked the best and stay with that side.
I. was. not. happy. 
BUT once I got all of them on...I went back with my glue gun and glue balls into place so that you couldn't see the wire.  I had some of the small ones left over and I glued them to cover any holes (so they are not connected to the wire).  So this is what I ended up with...not bad.

It's not real noticeable, but one side is 'heavier' than the other side...I ended up gluing on 3 small balls AFTER I hung the wreath.  The wreath also would not hang 'flat', meaning one side wanted to stick out, so I ended up putting a dot of hot glue behind one ball and 'gluing' it to the mirror...this should scrap off with a razor when I take it down - we'll see!!

So once I got it up and in place, I really started to like love it!  All-in-all, I'm now happy with it!  It's totally different than any Christmas display I've ever done.  It's fun and it's whimsical.  I ended up making a non-traditional display to go around this wreath (I'll show you later on)...FUN, FUN!!

Supplies for this wreath - $3.50
Time to make the wreath 1 hour
Something totally different, but so much fun = Pricele$$

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  1. Beautiful colors. And, at a reasonable price. Merry Christmas.

  2. I shall try this one. Wish me luck!

  3. Love the purple!!!!
    I tried the wire hanger thing & I'm with you..I couldn't get the balls just right cuz they kept moving around...All the ones in blogland I've seen are gorgeous I just couldnt get it the way I wanted it!!!
    but yours looks gorgeous!!! I love to see colors other than the traditional red/green (although the ones I've made are

  4. Very pretty. I love the purple. I did a patriotic one, and I love it!

  5. Your ball wreath turned out great. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip". I have now added a follow me widget so go ahead and follow me and I will follow you.

  6. Your wreath turned out so pretty! Love those purple colors! I have always wanted to make one of these - maybe this year I will! I am your newest follower!


  7. Yours looks great! My girls would love the purple. I tried this last year and couldn't get them where I wanted either. Mine looked almost football shaped. I still have it so maybe I'll go back and hit it with the glue gun! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who struggled with it!

  8. The colors are so pretty! I made one last year and just got it out to hang this year and it didn't store well. It is all out of shape! I'm thinking I'll have to redo it.

  9. SO PRETTY! I would love for you to link this up on my next Talent Tuesday Party!


    P.S. I'm your newest follower! :)

  10. Very pretty, well done! ~Liz

  11. Love the colors! I made one of these last year and I know what you mean about it being awkward to work with. It was fun, but I don't think I could make another one. Too annoying!

  12. Beautiful! Purple is my favorite colour too!

  13. Great job! I love it! I am following you back :)
    I hope you can come link up at the catwalk today!

  14. I need a wreath like this to go with my new tree!! Beautiful!

  15. Great post! I would love it if you would link this up to my Strut Your Stuff Party!

  16. beautiful!! Come link up tomorrow @ Ladybug Blessings Handmade Tuesdays

  17. Love the purple. Thanks for the tutorial.

  18. What magnificent colors. An eye-catching piece, and I love it!

  19. I am so glad you became a follower of my blog yesterday. I love your blog and I am thrilled to see you made the ornament wreath. I have been collecting vintage ornaments to make a wreath and hopefully I will get to start today. I am sure your tips will be very helpful.
    Have a great day.

  20. Love it - looks great!


  21. That is really cute. Love the purple colors!

  22. I know what you meant about getting things just the way you want them, but truly this turned out so great! I absolutely LOVE the color combo you used!!

    Please stop by and link this post up to Theme Party Thursday. It's perfect for our holiday theme.

  23. These are beautiful and yours turned out fabulously!
    Thanks for linking this up as well!

  24. LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  25. Purple is one of my all time favorite colors! LOVE how this turned out! Thanks for linking up and linking back to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions. Hope you stop by again soon! :)

  26. I love your wreath and am so impressed with your patience! I tried to make one and gave up--Its HARD!!! and you need a TON of ornaments (I didn't have enough...too lazy/cheap to buy more--maybe I will complete one next year!)

  27. Gorgeous! Love it! I think I saw the one on TDC also and making one of my own is on my holiday to-do list!

  28. Super cute! I would love if you come over and link up your wreath to Sassy Sites Christmas party! :)

    xoxo!! Marni @ Sassy Sites!


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